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Valley Ranch Doodles

Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and family members.  Our home is located on a large acreage, which is a little piece of dog paradise as it allows them to run and play. Our goal is to share the joy of this magnificent hybrid breed with others and provide loving families with a happy, healthy puppy.

Interested in learning about the different breeds that Valley Ranch Doodles raises? Find out more about our different kind of puppies and what you may want.

Valley Ranch Doodles only wants the best for their puppies. Finding homes that will love and nuture the relationship between Owner and puppy is always the top priority.

Interested in becoming a guardian home for Valley Ranch Doodles?

TLC Food and Nutrition

Valley Ranch Doodles only provides the best food for all their dogs. We encourage all our puppy homes to feed TLC food and nutrition to ensure a healthy diet for their puppy. Order your pet food today through Valley Ranch Doodles and receive $5.00 off your order. See link below.

Valley Ranch Doodles always try to offer something you will not find elsewhere, and are constantly working to improve our breeding program. We are a small family breeder with Ethically raised Doodles.

Our Mission & Values

Lifetime Support

We are ALWAYS here for our puppies and our puppy parents! Regardless of your needs, we are always here for you. We also ALWAYS take our puppies back if needed.

Guaranteed Healthy

We GUARANTEE our puppies to be healthy at the time of sale. Raised ethically by professionals with passion, love, and dedication, Valley Ranch Doodles are guaranteed to come to you healthy and well kept.

Wellness Exams

All of our doodle puppies come with a thorough pre purchase exam from a certified veterinarian. They will receive one set of vaccinations and a high quality de-wormer during their visit.

Puppy Care Package

Each puppy will come with a care package. This includes toys, favourite bones, food sample from home, blanket from home, puppy pads, and more!


Puppies are groomed regularly and introduced early to regular grooming equipment. Your puppy will arrive to you fully groomed to your satisfaction.


Each doodle puppy comes with early training practices including crate training, house training, heavy socialization, and are raised on methodologies such as puppy culture and early neurological stimulation program.

Genetic Guarantee

Your new doodle puppy will come with a 1 year Guarantee against genetic diseases. Puppies also all come on strict Spay/Neuter contracts. We stand behind our puppies!

Free Insurance

Our Doodle puppies come with 4 weeks FREE health insurance to protect your wallet against large vet bills caused by accidents or illness. Rest assured knowing TRUPANION has you covered.